Scorpion Hook
Compact Option
1-Scorpion Hook with Sheath
1-2 1/4"x 3"x 1 3/16"  Compact Case
Open Diameter Is Over 4 Inches
Folds Flat To A Compact 3/4 Of An Inch Thick
3 Inches Tall
Construction Material Is 7075 T6 Aluminum
Stainless Steel Components
Black Anodized Finish
Locks In Four Positions
Rapid Deployment
Spring Loaded Plunger Locks the Legs Into Their Chosen Position
Inside Mechanical Workings Are Never Exposed To Dirt or Outside Elements
For Use When Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Logging, Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking,
Search and Rescue, Recovery, Tactical, Military
For use when Hunting-
Use it to haul your gear up to the stand.  Retrieve your release, quiver, or clothing. Climb into the stand safely and
then haul your gear up. Throw it over a branch to get it out of your shooting lane or cut it off. Hang one on your bow
hook and you now have two or three hooks instead of one. Throw it over a branch and you now have a gear hook
for calls, optics, and other accessories.

For use when Fishing-
Put one in your tackle box and never loose a lure, pole, sunglasses  or anything else that may drop in the water.
Use it to anchor your boat to shore or brush.

For use when Boating-
Use it to retrieve anything that may fall into the water. Anchor on shore, throw it to the dock and pull the boat over.
Keep one in the glove box.

For use when Canoeing, or Kayaking-
The Scorpion hook is a great thing to have in a kayak or canoe. Anchor your craft to the bottom of the lake or to
brush on the shore of the water way.

For use in Search and Rescue-
Line and Equipment transfer, Animal rescue

For use in Tactical or  Military Operations-
Trip lines, Dead robots, stay out of the line of fire while retrieving gear.
Compact Folding Grappling Hook
Fits in your shirt or pants pocket and you will never know it is there.
Put one in Your Back Pack, Glove Box or, Tackle box
Small enough to store anywhere and large enough to get the job done.
The Scorpion Hook is not a toy yet this is one cool little toy.
Built to last made with 7075-T6 Aluminum and patented design.
Scorpion Hook
Outfitter Option
1- Scorpion Hook with Sheath
1-30ft length of 275 Paracord
1- Powerful Earth Magnet
1- 3"X 5"X 1 1/2 "  Waterproof Case
Powerfull Earth Magnet
Add On Item Only
Powerful Earth Magnet
Available With Extra Charge
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