All Hoyt hunting bows manufactured from 2005 to 2015.
All Hoyt Carbon Fiber Bows
All Hoyt bows that will accept Hoyt's Pro-Fit grip.
All Reflex bows that will accept Hoyt's Pro-Fit grip.
Hoyt / Reflex
2011-2013 Bowtech and all Destroyers
2007 to 2010 Diamond
Death Grip For 2009 and Prior Parker Bows
Excluding Black Hawk
Death Grip fits the Following 2007 to 2010 Diamond Bows.       
Marquis, Black Ice, Ice-Man, Stud, Rock II. FLX models also.
We do not make a grip for
the P.S.E's Mossy Oak X
The Death Grip fits all Mathews Bows that come from the
factory with a wood or Focus grip.
Death Grips
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Death Grip fits Dead Zone and Dead Zone 34
Please read before ordering your grip!
If your bow is a right handed bow you need a right handed grip even though you hold the grip with your left hand.
If your bow is a left handed bow you need a left handed grip even though you hold the grip with your right hand.
2004 to 2006 Bowtech
Also fits Diamond- Justice, Liberty, Triumph, Victory,and Rapture
2007 to 2010 Bowtech
2011-2013 Diamond
also includes Bass Pro Shops RedHead®
Toxik® XT , RedHead® Blackout and
Pro- XPS-34
Dead Eye, Fugitive, and Outlaw
For the 2010 Destroyer order
the Bowtech 2011 grip above.
Pro-Tune System
Professional Quality
Death Grip Reinstallation Kits
At the end of the check out process you will find a box to leave us a message. In that
box please tell us the exact make and model of your bow. We do not need specs. We
only need make and model. This is a back up to make sure you get the correct grip.
X-Force 6, X-Force 7, X-Force Super Short , X-Force
DNA, Omen, X-Force Dream Season, Bow Madness,
X-Force GX, Mach X, Mojo, Diablo,
Death Grip fit Buck Commander, Accomplice 32,and Accomplice 34
See Lost Camo
Pattern click here
Death Grip fits Experience, Insanity, Invasion,
82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne, Air Raid, Sentinel, S.W.A.T.,  Soldier, Brigadier, Admiral, Captain
Whisper Creek
Free with your order of a Bungee
Blind. Priority shipping for the
price of standard shipping.
Choose ground shipping when you
place your order.
Fits Truth-2, Game Over, Done Deal,
Attack, Carnage, Mauler, Dark Horse
Full Throttle, Premonition, Source, Drive,
Phenom, DNA, Omen Pro, All EVO Models, Freak,
Stiletto, Dominator Pro, Supra, Brute-X, Sinister,
Stinger, Rally, Bowmadness 3G
Death Grip for Bowtech 2004 to 2006 Bows
Death Grip for Parker Bows
Death Grip for Sims Dead Zone
Pro-Tune System
Death Grip for Whisper Creek Bows
Death Grip Remounting Kits
Death Grip for P.S.E AXE 6, AXE 7 and Bowmadness XS
Death Grip for P.S.E. Vendetta XS
Death Grip For P.S.E. Vendetta XL
Death Grip for P.S.E. Revenge and Stiletto
Death Grip for Bowtech 2007 to 2010 Bows
Death Grip for Bowtech 2011-13 Bows and all Destroyers
Death Grip for Diamond 2007 to 2010 Bows
Death Grip for P.S.E. Bows With B.E.S.T. Grip
Death Grip for Diamond 2011-2013 Bows
Death Grip For P.S.E. Bow Madness XL and Money Maker
Death Grip for Bear Bows
Death Grip for Athens Bows
Bungee Blind
Death Grip for Mission bows listed above
Death Grip for Mission Blaze, Ballistic, Rally, and Riot
Death Grip for Mission Menace, and Craze
Death Grip for Mathews Ignition and Mustang
Death Grip for P.S.E.Bows with Raptor Grip
Death Grip for Mathews Bows Also Fits Mission Craze and Menace
Death Grip for Hoyt 2005 to 2014 Bows
High Quality T-Shirts
printed with the awesome Van Handle
emblem front and back
Van Handle Archery T-Shirt
2015 Bowtech Prodigy and Boss
Death Grip for Bowtech2015 Prodigy and Boss