I bought the Death Grip recently and just installed the grip (after 24hr. cure) on my XFORCE 7. I was hoping your device would solve issues
I had with this bow i.e.: forearm slap, uncomfortable grip, too small of grip area, it’s just a bad design. The Death Grip solved all of these
problems, I was absolutely skeptical but it works! I shot for the first time, with this bow, a 4" group with 8 arrows @ 30 yards. My Elk tag this
Sept. is not in jeopardy anymore and my confidence in myself and my rig is back. THANKS VANHANDLE!!!!!!

I ordered your grip about a month ago and installed it as soon as it came in. Got to tell you I was wondering if it was another one of those
$100 archery gimmicks that I would laugh at myself for ever buying. Well, it wasn’t and I have never shot groups like I am shooting now and
I shoot 9 months of the year and hunt 70 to 80 days a year. Incredible. I’ve read books by archery coaches, taken lessons, watch videos,
did seminars and all that stuff. 30+ years of fighting with it and a $100 later, done. I mean I was certainly shooting well with 4 inch groups at
30 yards and 7 inch at 50, but this is tight now. I just have to know that if something doesn’t work out on a shot that I did everything I could,
and this does that for me.

Thanks for a great product.

Menominee, Wi

Here is my early evaluation on the Death Grip. The installation went without a hitch...the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

I attached the bearing assembly on Saturday and even though the directions said I could use it Sunday I waited an extra day to make sure I
had a good bond. This morning I gave it its first real test…I have had problems with getting my first couple of shots of the day to group…I
attributed this to my “maturing” as I have starting hearing my joints pop and make weird noises until I would get warmed up. Anyway I got
out of bed this morning…didn’t pull the bow back until I was ready to shoot…I still heard the popping in my old joints…but my arrow hit dead
on R/L but a little low…which I attributed to having taken my sights off to have more room to work on it. All the rest of my shots were right in
there also. I shot until I had to leave for work.

I really think that this product will help in hunting situations and in cold weather when you have to wear gloves etc. The grip its self is a little
wide but I really don’t mind that.

I posted about this a while back! Awesome product. They just don’t make them for my Brute!

----          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have shot 2 bows so far with the Death Grip on it and it seems to work very well. I am considering buying one for my own bow soon.
I put one on my bow and really like it. Check out my review in the evaluations thread for more details.
I have put one on a Switchback & like stevezt4 said the bow stays very steady on the draw & if you try to torque the bow it stays there
I am trying to get them made for HCA bows
They work great especially for hunting
I have one on my general
I have one on my Mathews and I love it. It is bigger and takes getting used to, but once used to it is all good.
The guy who makes them is a friend of my manager at the shop I work in. We got to play with them when he was in the prototype stage.
They worked well for some.
The concept is sound, no matter how hard you grip the bow, it WILL NOT torque. If you are having days that are just off, this may be the
solution, as it will correct torque issues very well.
Installed it tonight after 24hr drying period and shaving it down a bit for my drop away.  Install was a breeze!  Shot it and on third arrow,
ruined two at 20 yards.  Great product, it will go on all my bows!  Guess aiming for the same point on the target will have to change!
Thank you!  Mathews was the best but it just got better with Death Grip!

I recently purchased one of your death grips with some admitted skepticism.  But, after mounting the grip and shooting it only a few times I
was truly amazed.  I cannot understand why all bows don't come with these as standard issue.  Thanks for making a great product.  I will tell
as many as I can about your product so I imagine you'll see a few more orders from Idaho!  Thanks again John.


My name is Greg Heyrman and I'm a Pro-Staffer for Jeff Engel and his
television show Engel's Outdoor Experience that airs on FSN and the Outdoor
channel.  Last spring I went to your booth in Madison Wisconsin at the Deer
and Turkey Expo.  I saw you Death Grip there and bought one.  I went home and
put it on my Switch Back bow.  WOW I really liked it.  Your grip eliminated
the torque for sure!!  I told Jeff about it and his is interested in your
product too.  His show picked up Matthews Archery again as a sponsor.  This
October Jeff and I will be hunting turkey and Mule deer in Montana.  We will
be using the new Drenalin bows from Matthews and would like to put your
death grip on our bows.  Would you be interested in sending us a few of your
grips at no charge to use on our new bows?  Your product will be used on
national television which will help with product exposure.  Thanks
John and I look forward to hearing from you.

I put one of your "Death Grips" on my Bowtech Tribute bow, & I love it!  Do you make a "Death Grip" for the new 2007 Bowtech
Commander?  I would really like one!  I have trouble with my hands, & the Commander's factory grip forces my thumb up into the riser.  My
shot consistency is suffering terribly, & I'm sure your "Death Grip" would solve my problems, and improve my performance, just as it has on
my Tribute.  Please let me know A.S.A.P. if I can get one, because if not than I will look into other options.

I currently use the Death Grip on my Mathews bow, but we have a new bow sponsor this season and we’ll be shooting the Ross Cardiac.   I
hope you have a grip for that bow, because I am very pleased with your product.  I’ll contact you in the next few days.   In the meantime,
you can download our media package at our website at www.archeryaddicts.com.  

I just wanted to drop a quick thanks for the great product I got from
you at the expo in Owatonna Mn.  It installed like a dream and your
instructions were great!  I am looking forward to shooting it now.  I
will defiantly recommend the grip to anyone!

I have 1 of your grips on my Mathews and love it.  Do you make 1 for the PSE X-Force?  Is the 6” brace height going to be to small a brace
height for the grip?  Should I go to the 7” brace height for your grip to be better?

I would highly recommend it. It’s a shame they don’t have the Brute Riser! Next bow I get is probably going to have one of these added! You
darn near can’t torque the bow! The grip would help allot with big bulky gloves on and weird angle shots!!!!!!

I have a Death Grip installed on my bow and it works great...does everything it says it will do.

The more I shoot with it on the more I like it. While I agree that torque can be cured with proper form and can be dealt with while shooting in
the back yard or on the practice line but in hunting situations you usually wind up with less then ideal shots, heavy clothing, having to take
fast shots in the heat of the moment etc. is where the Death Grip stands out. Its makes one less thing you have to worry about at crunch
It’s a good product that works well.

Very easy to install, looks good, works very good.
Very pleased

I have one on a late model Bowtech riser with elite cams and Barnsdale limbs. Shots a 350 grain arrow @ 320fps @ 65 lbs with 29 inch
draw length with loop. The Death Grip takes away torque. The best thing to have with a fast bow.

I just purchased a Van Handle Death Grip for my Parker Trailblazer XP. This is one cool grip. I can already see better groups than I
previously had. I was often inconsistent left and right and new it was how I was gripping / torquing the bow. I now am able to settle in and
know that the arrow is going exactly where I am aiming now. I now have no one to blame but myself if I miss. The grip is rather pricey at
around $108 shipped but is well worth it if you have torque issues like me. My dad installed one on his Hornet and loves it as well. We get
funny looks but we sure do shoot better. I will try to put some pictures up on Monday. The only thing I don't like is I don't have excuses on
left and right misses now. I am already seeing improvement in my shooting. I did not realize how much torque I had before.

I just installed one of the Death Grips made by John Van Hoorn. It is great! The bow settles into its natural position and there is no torque at
all on release. I just ordered another two. I am not associated with this product in any way, just a happy customer.

I've installed 2 on Mathews for people & they worked very well. If you are a bad gripper this will take care of it....I used a sling & just my
thumb & still shot true....

Have you seen the Death Grip? Check out that design. I put one on my Xforce and it solved the problems I was having, best purchase since
I got into bowhunting.

The testimonials you have read are 100% authentic. The names have been withheld to eliminate any legal ramifications. In today’s world
you can not be too careful. There have been many spelling repairs throughout this document. The testimonials are made up of letters,
email's and opinions from Internet forums.
I purchased and installed this on my Mathews DXT. This has solved my left / right variability and I
am shooting the best I ever have. Thanks for this great product.

Thank you,

I have had a PSE Thunderbolt for about 4-5 years
but was never confident with it to take it hunting.
This fall I installed the Death Grip on this bow and
my consistency improved dramatically. I harvested
this Idaho elk in September. Now I'm going after
Iowa whitetails.

Jerry Kraft

I have my Death Grip installed and from the very first shot I knew it was a good decision putting one on my target
bow. My lefts and rights went away! I have been down sick with a nasty cold and cough and this past Tuesday night
which to this date I was only able to shoot a 300 with 45 X’s average. This coming weekend is our state spring indoor,
I am pumped and very confident I will shoot well because of your grip. (even thought this damn virus just wont let go!)

I will let you know how I did in this tournament and in 2 weeks I will be at the Nationals in Louisville!

Many Thanks!

Tim M.

Westminster, CO
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how well the Death Grip is working out...
back in the game with a vengeance!  I have never shot this tight of groups or as consistently.  My down range shots (30-50
yards) are down right awesome!  In a nut shell the Death Grip has helped to get my confidence back to where it should be.

Many Thanks!
Carroll, OH
My Death Grip arrived Monday and I installed it immediately.  The instructions were clear and the Death Grip was very easy to install.  I
shot my bow at 10 yards to ensure the zero.  I shot 40 or 50 arrows from 20 to 35 yards and all groups were well under 2".  I am very
impressed with your product.  I hunted Tuesday evening and made a perfect 18 yard double lung shot on a whitetail doe.  I have made
perfect shots before but with the Death Grip I had one less thing to think about before making the shot.  Thanks for a great product.

Denmark, S.C.
I have been after this buck I call TEXAS
for five years. The Death Grip proved too
much for him and I was finally able to
harvest him. Thanks for a great product
it has taken my accuracy to a new level.   
Layne L.
Dear Mr. Van Handle
This is the best damn money I've spent  on my bow ever, I've got boxes of stuff that don't
work, but the death grip works as you stated, or even better, I'll be ordering three more for
sure. Thanks for a great product.

See price and
availability for
your bow
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See price and
availability for
your bow
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See price and
availability for
your bow
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Van Handle Archery,

When I saw and had an opportunity to test your new product at the
Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo a couple years ago, I knew this was
no gimmick and was a product I had to have. I, being a cheap college
student, saved up a bit and finally had enough to put my order
through. To sum it up, 100% Customer Satisfaction! When the
moment of truth presents itself... whether it being drawing on an elk, a
turkey, a 150" class whitetail, or just the bag sitting at 35 yds, I know
with 110% confidence that my grip is under control with the Death

A big thanks goes out to Van Handle Archery for such an innovative
and practical product that will be on all my bows for years to come
and help increase my odds of that trophy of a lifetime I'm after!

-Charlie Wanty     WI Bowhunter
Hello Sir,

I bought a death grip from you for a PSE SS, u delivered it in Romania a few years ago.
Well all i can say after extensive  use is: it's unbeatable, at 20 yards i literally shoot arrow in arrow. An elastic stick with a
string, a Death Grip and a red dot sight will out shoot in speed and accuracy any fancy compound without a Death Grip.
Congrats on your mechanical skills sir!


I met you at the Madison Deer classic, praised you for a great idea and
dropped $100 on the spot. This was a few years back.

I am doing a little aluminum work with my bow sight (modification) and I
need some aluminum adhesive that I can depend on and I have come to
depend on how well the death grip is adhered to my bow.  

Could I buy just a fresh tube of both the adhesive and activator from you?

Also…attached is my Montana bull from last fall. Public land, on our own,
death grip was there to eliminate my torque !! Feel free to add it to your
testimonials if you like. Great product, just super idea.

Thank you,

Ben Huth
Arrow rest that I use with my fobs instead of vanes. An iq bow sight to always check my torque and ancor Wichita works well but on
occasion arrow would fly left or right wearing a Jersey glove worked somewhat on controlling it. Your palm wont stick to your grip
on the release causing your skin to stretch back if it was pinched on the draw. But with your grip it doesn't even matter. I only have
25 yards in my back yard and the set up I have now I can pretty much robin hood every arrow! But I don't since I would have to
stock up on fobs. Thank you again great product.
Dear Sir or Ma'am,

Just wanted to provide a little feedback on the Death Grip I purchased.

First of all, I loved it when I installed it and after 4 years, I still love it!!!!

I still consider myself an amateur bow hunter.  I'm 40 years old, 6'7", and 270 lbs.  In 2012, I was given a well-used PSE Stingray and got hooked
on the sport very quickly.  In the Fall of 2013, I purchased a Bowtech Insanity CPXL and really liked the bow, however, I felt it was very hard for
me to handle it due to the thinner grip and my large hands.  While searching for a wider handle insert, I found your product, researched and
reviewed your testimonials, and made the purchase.

To this day, I still haven't taken any "trophy" deer, but none have come across my path at the farm.  I am primarily a "meat hunter" and I also
enjoy practicing at different targets.  Your grip is still attached to my bow and it still functions as well as it did on day number one.  I've told
several people about it, some seem interested, and some seem to dismiss it's ability to function as advertised
Anyway, I still think it's great and I'm very happy with your product.

Again, thank you for an excellent product, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

Best Regards,
Kansas City
 I just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing product Your Death grip continues to allow me to harvest some very special trophies
and in very difficult situations I was lucky enough to draw a New Mexico Ibex tag to hunt the Florida mountains This Billy was truly a very old
warrior a veteran of the mountain for many years He was very broomed  from many battles. The Billy was 64 yards above me but it was so
vertical that my angle rangefinder showed 30 yards so I trusted your amazing death grip and the rangefinder and the Billy immediately
dropped off the cliff and landed literally right next to me after a clean pass thru I have harvested a lot of great trophies with my bow but this
one was very special to me.

Is also was lucky to draw a New Mexico archery tag in my favorite unit the same year and this Bull is my personal best, green scored 259

Thank you once again for your insight and creation of what I consider to be the most critical component that all archers should use. All bows
should have this on them when they leave the factory !

Thank you