"John Van Hoorn" is the owner of Van Handle Archery Products. John lives with his wife
Tammy and his two children John Jr. (age 22) and Megan (age 19) in Northern Illinois. John's
vast knowledge of mechanical engineering was  developed over 30 years as a mechanical
engineer in the printing equipment field. John has a number of Pope and Young size bucks to
his credit. He has also won and placed in his share of 3D tournaments. His love for archery,
and  longing for perfection left him always trying to make his equipment shoot better. John
noticed that many archers (himself included) picked up their bows and almost never got the
first arrow of the day  to fly exactly where they had aimed it.  The archer's always wanted to
move their pins. Not up and down, but consistently left and right. It didn't take long for John to
figure out why. It was that nagging problem again. Yes, you guessed it, "Bow Torque". All he
had to do now was fix the problem. He went to work to design the most accurate grip ever made
for archery equipment.  Seven years of design and testing brought him to the design you see
today. It is an incredibly precise, rugged aid that every archer will benefit from, at all skill levels.
The                         was designed to eliminate all the torque that is transferred to
an archer's bow through the archer's grip of that bow. While very effectively
removing all torque on the bow the                         will make a bow, and even more
importantly the bows sight 100% accurate every time.
The                         is made of polyurethane for its light weight, strength, and a
comfortable feel. It is film dipped into a carbon fiber or Camo  pattern for a really
great look.
There are rubber inserts inside of the grip. These inserts clamp onto the bearing
assembly, making the                         shock and noise absorbing. The bearing
assembly is made of 6061 aluminum, this is done to save weight and retain
When you torque your bow grip to the left or to the right, your pin or dot on your
sight will move to the left or the right. It will only move a small amount at the bow.
This small amount will multiply quickly. If your pin or dot moves 1/16 of an inch at
the bow it will move more than 1 foot at 10 yards. It will move more than  4 feet at  
30 yards. Only the most inexperienced archers would twist their bows enough to  
get the deviance to the extent of 4 ft at 30 yards.
If one of the  same
inexperienced archers picked up a bow with the                         mounted on it,
the deviance would be 0 feet and  0 inches at 30 yards.

The                     eliminates 100% of bow torque.

When a bow is torqued the arrow will remain almost  motionless. The direction the
arrow points remains almost completely unchanged. This is easy to see if you pick
up a bow, and nock an arrow. Pull the bow back and purposely twist the grip of the
bow. When this is done pay attention to where  the arrow meets the arrow rest.   
The arrow remains pointed in the direction the arrow will fly. We can demonstrate
this very effectively with a laser mounted in the tip of an arrow and a laser mounted
to the bow. Click to see the video on the Death Grip page. If you see us at a trade
show booth please ask for a demonstration.
If you shoot an arrow with torque on the bow, the arrow will fly very erratically. This
is the reason bow manufacturers try to achieve the long brace heights in todays
compound bows. The more brace height, the less effect from torque inflicted on the
true path of the arrow, the more forgiving the bow shoots.
The                        minimises the need for a long brace height. All the forgiveness
you need is built into the                        . The                         will eliminate bad
arrow flight caused  by torque.  
The way an archer holds his bow is paramount to the achievement of accuracy and
good arrow flight. You can not grip your bow the same from week to week or month
to month and in most cases even day to day. Every time you pick up your bow, your
hand is placed a little bit different on the grip. This will make your sight inaccurate.
Have you ever picked up your bow and found that your sight had moved either to
the right or the left for absolutely no reason. This is caused by torque on the grip.In
other words it is your fault, not your bows fault. Remember, "The first shot you take
with your bow on any given day will determine what kind of day that will be".
The                           will not shoot the bow for you. You still have to have the bow
pointed at the target when the arrow is released. The                        will insure that
the arrow will fly where the sight said it would.
It is true that there are archers who, after many hours a day of practice have
learned to master the art of putting very little torque on their bows. These are the
guys you see in the archery magazines and at the top of the podium at archery
contests. These guys practice for hours each day. If you don't practice as much as
they do,and even if you do a                         will be the best archery accessory
purchase you ever made.  There is nobody in the world that can hold their bow with
less torque than the                         achieves. You can't fool the laws of physics.
THE                         ACHIEVE  100%TORQUE FREE GRIP  
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